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Please fill out the form below so we can find out more about you and your property. Be sure to read it through before starting so that you have all the information you need to hand.

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Emergency contact

Who should we contact in an emergency in addition to the home owner if we are unable to reach the home owner?

Property information

Please confirm bed sizes for all rooms (i.e. king, super-king).

Please provide Wi-Fi name and code, details of the property’s entertainment technology (i.e. DVD player, smart TV, entertainment packages, Sonos) and any associated passwords.

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We can organise everything from plumbers to gardeners and electricians to window cleaners, but if you have preferred suppliers please provide their contact details below.


It is a requirement to have a key safe at the property.

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Health and safety

The following are legal requirements.

Have the electrical appliances at the property been PATS tested (portable appliance testing) in the last year? *
Has a fire risk assessment been carried out at the property in the last year? *

Do you have public liability insurance? *