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Top 10 ways to really relax on holiday

Holidays give us the chance to leave the day-to-day stresses of life behind. We catch up with Amy from Next Wave Yoga to hear her top tips for a truly relaxing holiday.

Next Wave Yoga & Therapy is founded by Amy Williams, an experienced level 3 massage therapist and passionate yogi Photo courtesy of Next Wave Yoga

Holidays, are a sacred time - the chance to spend time with our nearest and dearest and basically, do whatever we fancy.

However, there is no magic switch that miraculously makes real life disappear for a week. Here are our top tips for really making the most out of your time away.

Luckily, in beautiful Cornwall it is easy to feel a million miles away from your desk

Be organised

Before you even set off, start to get into the holiday spirit. Ensuring that everything is organised and not left to the last minute will make the start of your trip far less stressful.

Travelling is always a little stressful no matter how much you plan but if you give yourself plenty of time to allow for any unplanned events, you can arrive with a clear head ready for your holiday.

Try not to pack in a rush, leave work deadlines to the last day or cram in meetings

Ditch the technology

This, is easier said than done. How blissful would it be to not have to answer the phone or hear the constant beeping of various WhatsApp groups, Facebook requests and Instagram updates.

Although a full technology detox sounds great the reality is hard to achieve. So instead, try and dedicate time each day where the phone goes away.

A glass of wine sat on the balcony at sunset is time best spent being totally absorbed into what you are doing

The art of doing nothing

This truly is an art to master. It can seem daunting at first, but in our busy modern worlds where we have endless interaction and stimulation some time doing nothing can be magical.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to just sit and watch the world go by? Have a few days where you make no plans. You never know, it could be the best day of your trip.

Let’s set the scene; the phone is away, you’re on a sun lounger, the warm sun mixing with the cool breeze, seagulls overhead, the beach in front of you… what more could you need?

A luxury day retreat

Turn the beautiful property you have rented into your own private spa. Start your day with a private yoga class to help with stress or just loosen up a tight body.

End your day with either a slow, restorative style yoga session, a guided meditation or even a sound bath to really leave you feeling restored.

With so many of the Latitude50 houses boasting sea view spaces, balconies and secluded gardens you can create your own bespoke retreat day

Read that book

Holidays are the perfect time to pick up that book that has been sat on your bedside table all year. Emerging yourself into a good book is a great way to switch your mind off from day-to-day life.

Research by Sussex University suggests that the simple act of reading a book can reduce stress levels by up to 68% in only 6 minutes!

Take it to the beach, curl up on the sofa or treat yourself to an early night and allow yourself to get lost into a literary world

Spend time outside

Time spent in nature is always time well spent. A favourite is to simply start each day with a quiet walk across the beach; it will soon become a much-loved morning ritual.

From relieving stress to aiding short term memory, restoring mental clarity, boosting creativity and even the possibility of reducing risks of disease, time outside has many benefits.

Why not visit the beautiful Japanese Gardens in Mawgan Porth or Bishops and Hustyns Woods in Wadebridge for your dose of tree therapy?

Get active

Give the body and mind a real boost by getting it moving! In Cornwall, we are spoilt for choice of fun and active adventures.

Hike up Cornwall’s tallest peak or across the rugged Bodmin Moor, stopping off in a local pub for a hearty lunch as you go, the possibilities are endless.

Beautiful beaches and coastline can give you days of enjoyment with surfing, coasteering, swimming, body boarding and kite surfing

Get creative

Studies have shown that relaxing has an amazing effect on our creativity levels. As the brain relaxes and stress levels reduce our ability to think clearly and creatively increases.

Why not go to a local art class and pick up new skills or have someone come and teach you privately? Get the whole family involved and go to the beach and create something in the sand.

In recent years the sales of adult colouring books have soared with more and more people using photography and drawing to relax and unwind


Food. We don’t mean to brag, but Cornwall has some of the finest food and restaurants around. Make the most of the fresh fish, organic meats, wines and unique artisan creations.

Ask for some local advice on the best places around. Why not arrange for a chef to cook for you at home so you can relax in true comfort? This is food for the soul as well as the body.

Some of our fondest memories are of times spent around a table with friends and family, sharing a meal and good conversation

Continue at home

As your time away ends, use it as an opportunity for reflection. Make a promise to yourself that relaxing will no longer be reserved just for holidays.

Have a technology detox on weekends, have work free evenings, book regular massages and join that yoga class you have always wanted to try. Have days off where you go on local adventures to spend time outdoors, keep active and let your creativity flow.

Use your meal times as moments to talk and connect with the people around you, discussing when your next trip back to Cornwall will be and how you will do it all over again.

You never know, a year on you may have even mastered the art of doing nothing

Next Wave Yoga & Therapy

If you are coming down to North Cornwall on holiday why not book an out of season relaxation package? Amy is offering our clients some special autumn and winter packages:

Winter Season Soother

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Couples Zen Sessions

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2 hours of pure luxury. A couples side by side massage created just for you using a range of Ayurvedic techniques leading into a gong based sound treatment to take you to a deeper level of relaxation.

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